Organization as Designed System

With all the time and effort we dedicate to component libraries, imagine what we could do if we focused on co-creating decision systems across our organizations.

Google UX Design Certificate

“The low-cost design certificate is well worth considering for those looking to break into the user experience (UX) design job market—or anyone curious about the overarching concept of UX design.”

Dari of Darius Design recently completed the 7 month, Google UX Design course just to clarify and brush up. She has been in the industry for over 20 years. It was a great way to refine ideas and processes. And it is very useful, if you wish to break into this field. It is very comprehensive. Learn the tools Figma and Adobe XD. Well worth the time and small amount of money. Highly recommended.

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Long Live Degenerative Art

“All the achievements of contemporary artistic genius from Cézanne to Picasso — the product of the ultimate in freedom, strength and human feeling – have been received with insults and repression. We believe that it is mere idiocy and folly to reduce modern art, as some desire, to a fanaticism for any particular religion, race or nation.”

“These were the searing words of a group of 37 Cairo-based artists and thinkers known as Art and Liberty in their manifesto ‘Long Live Degenerate Art’ (1938). At the time, totalitarianism and repression was on the rise across Europe.”

Watch the video: Long Live Degenerative Art on Aeon.

Genome Color Tool

Genome Color Tool, a web app developed to create brand-specific palettes for a variety of Color Systems.

Genome Color Space is an Open-Source Color Tool for Color Systems. It was created to be Simple, Effective, Universal, Extensible, and WCAG Compliant. Its purpose is to help designers create brand-specific Color Systems from existing style-guides and easily facilitate white-labeling at scale.

The Genome Color Tool

The People of the Cloud

“Though often forgotten, this community of technicians, engineers and executives is integral to the functioning of our increasingly digitized society. They are the caretakers of the digital, the wardens of our data, and the unsung heroes working tirelessly to sustain an ever-expanding array of digital objects, including our emails, cat videos, maps, non-fungible tokens, metaverse avatars, digital twins and more.”

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Ways to Help Ukraine recently created by Darius Design. The purpose: To create a place where people can easily find the best ways to help Ukraine. Visit the Ways to Help Ukraine website.