Grimes on PBS

An interesting use case for generative AI is for music concerts. Grimes (a girlfriend of Elon Musk and mother of three of his young children) uses AI images and video in her live performances. Had the pleasure of hanging out with Grimes and others on Midjourney’s Discord server for about 3 hours having fun helping her create images for her recent Coachella performances. She’s sweet, amusing and funny.

Alien Iris

Alien Iris is a song about a lone alien Iris in the desert.
Dari created the song via Udio, an AI music generator and images via Midjourney.


Desert sands, so vast and still
A splash of color, on the hill
Alone it blooms, where none should be
Alien iris, wild and free

It’s the right bloom, in the wrong land
Your petals shimmer, but it’s all sand

Strange oasis, in the heat’s embrace
Mirage or truth, it’s a curious case
Fragrance foreign, under the sun’s decree
Glistening boldly, for the world to see

Oh alien iris, sing your silent tune
Through the winds’ whisper, ‘neath the crescent moon

In the sunset’s glow (sunset’s glow)
You cast a shadow, where none should grow
An enigma flourished, against all odds
A universe enclosed, in the golden pods

You’re a spectacle, in the arid plain
A defiance of nature, not bound by the chain

Siren of the dunes, your colors call
Whispers of life, through the desolate sprawl
Gentle defiance, in your silent fight
An emblem of hope, in the vastness of night

Oh alien iris, dance in the moon’s beam
Shine in the darkness, a living dream…

Midjourney Creation Rooms Test

Midjourney has just rolled out Creation Rooms starting with the 10k Club on the Alpha website. Since I have created over 10K images, I have early access. Notes from David below.

Cool things about the rooms prototype
It has text chat and voice chat
Text is separated from images so creation doesn’t affect chat
You can make images together or just see only your own (filter buttons on top)
You can easily drag images into chat to talk about them
You can resize the chat / image columns by hovering then dragging on the space in-between them

What are the goals goals of this test?
We want to see how many people we can squeeze into a room until it starts breaking down / feeling uncomfortable
We want to see what sort of things work good / bad in the new UI
(since it’s different from Discord and anything else out there)
To get high level ⁠alpha-ideas-and-bugs from community

Some high level plans right now around rooms as context
We plan to make it so anyone can create both public and private creation rooms on the website
There will be a lobby of public rooms and the ability to directly link to private rooms
As we watch the rooms today we’ll be thinking about opening it up to the 1K club next to add more people
We might create more rooms if one gets too crowded / frenetic
After watching a small number of rooms for a bit we’ll open up creating rooms on your own

Richard Horowitz, Musician Composer, RIP

A few days ago, I found out that Richard Horowitz was no longer with us. It was so sad and shocking to hear this. RIP, dear Richard. Said Leghlid and I interviewed Richard twice on Worldstreams Radio several years ago. This is one of those interviews which features some of his music. He also speaks about his friendship with one of my favorite writers, Paul Bowles. Richard was such a fascinating person who I greatly admired. Listen to an hour with Richard. Listen to Richard Horowitz on WorldStreams 2010

Viggle AI Animation Generator

An experiment with a new animation generator, Viggle. You upload a photo and you have the choice to animate it or you can also add a video along with the photo. I uploaded a photo along with a dance video and Viggle used the motion in the dance video to animate the photo. Then used a video editor to remove the background from the Viggle video and replace it with a new background and add the audio. Creator: Dari