Limes in a Blue Bowl

Creator: Dari via Midjourney v 6.0
Prompt: painting of green limes in a blue bowl on a wooden table –ar 16:9 –sref 2083 –s 300

Happy Holiday Weekend

Hope everyone is one is having a great weekend!
I would have loved to go to Morocco, but of course, that was impossible. So I went there virtually. has a new feature, Character Reference. You upload a photo of yourself or anyone and then write a prompt about what you want to be doing or where you wish to be. And you can go anywhere and do anything! The images look so real. It’s kind of scary.

AI Artist Refik Anadol

“I’m not interested in reality”: AI artist Refik Anadol on creative coding, hallucinations, and the future of art

“The Turkish-born, Los Angeles-based Anadol is one of the world’s leading artists working with artificial intelligence. For “Unsupervised,” he had a self-improving algorithm process the MoMA’s labyrinthine catalogue of modern and postmodern art, before ordering it to create something of its own. The end result, as Travis Deahl summed it up in a review for The New York Times, is art history in motion: input past trends, output “the next avant-garde.”

Read more at Freethink: AI Artist Refika Anadol

Midjourney and Photography

Friday diversion! Midjourney AI image and Photography – A photo of one of my Midjourney images that I had printed on canvas along with added objects in the foreground.