Online Auction Systems

A private online auction system for your website offering all of the capabilities of an eBay style auction. Providing quicker sales for almost ANY product or service.

Real Estate Online Auction System is a division of Darius Design.

An easily customizable online auction system for all 50 states or just one state. Several basic features to be incorporated in your custom designed online auction system are listed below. The auction method is the quickest way to sell anything!

Password Protected
Secured access to the auction management center.
Requires username and password for access.

Web-Based Administration Center
Web-based administration center leading to all functions for ease of use. Requires no special programming knowledge. It's as easy as filling in an online form.

Add, Edit and Delete Auctions
From the web-based admin center you can add, edit or delete auctions through your web-browser at any time.

- Add photos
- Set the beginning date of the auction
- Set the ending date of the auction
- Set the minimum bid for the auction
- Set the amount for bidding increments
- Add terms and conditions
- Add a SOLD sign at end of auction.

Just as on large scale auctions like eBay -- your buyers will be notified via e-mail if they are out bid and then they may place another higher bid if they wish. These are just a few of the features that we can incorporate into your custom designed online auction system.

We'll add an auction system to an already exisitng web site or incorporate an auction system into the design of a new web site. Design, programming and installation. Maintenance services are also available. Email us for an initial consultation and fee quote for your specific project.

Our web auction systems are written in PHP programming and use a MySQL database.