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Case Studies

A UX research study is focused on a high-fidelity prototype and includes the following:

  • Project background: The project background explains the reasons for the study, including understanding the user journey and identifying pain points.
  • Goals: We identify two clear project goals to understand why customers are using the app or website, and how easy it is to use.
  • Research questions: We develop research questions around the effectiveness of the user flow and visual elements of the app.
  • KPIs: We identify KPIs or key performance indicators to measure the user experience: user error rate, search vs. navigation, and SUS (system usability scale).
  • Methodology: We conduct a moderated or unmoderated usability study to satisfy our research goals and answer our research questions.
  • Participants: We listed the basic information for the participants, including their backgrounds, genders, and ages. We also made note of accessibility needs.

Ways to Help Ukraine Case Study

Darius Design has worked with some great programmers from Ukraine over the years. So we have a close connection with Ukraine. Therefore, Ways to Help Ukraine was created.

In doing research, we found that users were looking for ways to help Ukraine but got tired and confused hopping from site to site. So, we solved the program by providing an ever growing list of verified organizations. In addition, there is a live news feed with over sixty sources, mostly from inside Ukraine.

View the Ways to Help Ukraine case study. View the Ways to Help Ukraine website.


Bella Luna Restaurant Case Study

When looking for a restaurant, we usually do this on our phone. We found that many restaurants menus are not readable on a mobile phone. In fact, many restaurant websites are old with old code that is not responsive. Although we did find some establishments that looked great on a small screen. Many upscale restaurants had very poor looking websites, in general. So we created a survey and did interviews asking users what they expected when looking for a restaurant via their mobile phones. The majority wanted a readable menu, quick downloading screens and an easy way to place an order or make a reservation. We created an mobile app for a fictional restaurant with a readable menu.

View the Bella Luna case study.