Alien Iris

Alien Iris is a song about a lone alien Iris in the desert.
Dari created the song via Udio, an AI music generator and images via Midjourney.


Desert sands, so vast and still
A splash of color, on the hill
Alone it blooms, where none should be
Alien iris, wild and free

It’s the right bloom, in the wrong land
Your petals shimmer, but it’s all sand

Strange oasis, in the heat’s embrace
Mirage or truth, it’s a curious case
Fragrance foreign, under the sun’s decree
Glistening boldly, for the world to see

Oh alien iris, sing your silent tune
Through the winds’ whisper, ‘neath the crescent moon

In the sunset’s glow (sunset’s glow)
You cast a shadow, where none should grow
An enigma flourished, against all odds
A universe enclosed, in the golden pods

You’re a spectacle, in the arid plain
A defiance of nature, not bound by the chain

Siren of the dunes, your colors call
Whispers of life, through the desolate sprawl
Gentle defiance, in your silent fight
An emblem of hope, in the vastness of night

Oh alien iris, dance in the moon’s beam
Shine in the darkness, a living dream…