Grimes on PBS

An interesting use case for generative AI is for music concerts. Grimes (a girlfriend of Elon Musk and mother of three of his young children) uses AI images and video in her live performances. Had the pleasure of hanging out with Grimes and others on Midjourney’s Discord server for about 3 hours having fun helping her create images for her recent Coachella performances. She’s sweet, amusing and funny.

Viggle AI Animation Generator

An experiment with a new animation generator, Viggle. You upload a photo and you have the choice to animate it or you can also add a video along with the photo. I uploaded a photo along with a dance video and Viggle used the motion in the dance video to animate the photo. Then used a video editor to remove the background from the Viggle video and replace it with a new background and add the audio. Creator: Dari

Happy Nowruz

Happy Nowruz and the first day of spring! Nowruz is the Persian New Year and has been celebrated since ancient times. Spring begins tonight at 11:09 PM New York time.

Photography vs AI Creation

“AI presented me with unparalleled freedom, a realm unbound by the traditional constraints of budget, personnel, or geography. It was here, within the limitless expanse of artificial intelligence, that I discovered a new avenue for my creativity, allowing me to redefine the essence of my artistic expression.”
Fashion photographer shot magazine covers, then quit her job to become an AI creator
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