The majority of sites on the ’Net have light-colored backgrounds, as it can improve readability for the end-user and helps designers differentiate on-page content with the use of contrasting colors. This is a perfectly good strategy – if you like to play it safe. If you’d rather push the envelope, it might be time to consider taking a walk on the dark side of Web design. By spicing things up with a darker design, you can set your digital property apart from the competition.

The Dark Side of Web Design – Website Magazine

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Authority is perhaps one of the most misunderstood terms in the world of Web business and it’s used with such regularity by every ‘Net guru that for many it’s a signal that any content from a source claiming authority likely lacks exactly what it is they are promising. If building authority in your industry is important to you and your brand’s digital success (and it should be), consider the following elements as your next content item is published – be it video, images or the good ol’ fashion website article.

Practical Tips for Developing Authoritative Content – Website Magazine

The response in “responsive” Web design provides a clue about how to think about the practice. It’s essentially a set of actual techniques – and yes, sometimes tools too – that move elements of the page e.g. images, navigation, text based on the capabilities of the device it is being viewed upon. Responsive design enables websites to obtain information about the device and then display a version appropriate for the layout.

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