What happens when someone you don’t know sends you a message on Facebook? The network stays surprisingly mum about it: You get no notification whatsoever. Instead, these messages get routed into a second inbox called Other. And there they sit, easily overlooked — unless you make an effort to access that inbox from time to time.

Find overlooked messages in Facebook's 'Other' inbox – CNET

The social network stores every single term you enter in the search box. Although the privacy setting for this data is set to “only you,” you may feel uncomfortable having that info hanging around. If so, it’s a simple process to delete it and clear your creeper Facebook search history.

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if you have or if you are thinking of using Facebook ads to promote your Facebook pages.

Page “Likes” are not are important. It’s engagement from the people who like the page that is more important. I have seen evidence of fake likes on my Facebook pages. I often look at the profiles of people who like my pages and some of the profiles don’t make sense. And they are usually from people who reside in countries where click farms thrive. If what this video reveals is true and it seems “likely” that it is, Facebook needs to clean this up.

Avid users of Facebook are getting more and more familiar with Facebook Graph Search that is being rolled out. As with normal SEO, taking the time to ensure your page shows up within relevant results of Facebook Graph Search is more than worth the time. Optimizing your page actually isn’t a difficult task to accomplish either.

8 Steps to Higher Facebook Graph Search Rankings – Website Magazine

The most important think you can do is to check your privacy settings often—especially after new features are released. Facebook has done a better job of making new privacy settings more accessible while also notifying users of any changes. Their explanations, however, can lose sight of bigger picture concerns. Keep checking back on EFF’s blog for more updates and how-tos.

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