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SEO mistakes are easy to make, but difficult to fix, and can end up being extremely costly for a business. In the past SEO could be as simple as stuffing a few keywords into a website, search engines have come a long way in returning quality results and weeding out the spam, making a high search engine result page (SERP) listing very beneficial to business owners.

Source: 23 Mistakes That Kill Search Traffic and Conversions – Website Magazine

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From the fledging beginnings of SEO, it has almost always been all about keywords. Back in the VHS days… we pushed keyword density over content quality because that’s what it took to rank. It was a world of quantity over quality, and it didn’t matter if the keywords we inserted sounded natural or not. We knew it worked, and a lot of us went with it. Today, not so much.

Google's Shift to Semantic Search & Its Impact on SEO – SiteProNews

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Authority is perhaps one of the most misunderstood terms in the world of Web business and it’s used with such regularity by every ‘Net guru that for many it’s a signal that any content from a source claiming authority likely lacks exactly what it is they are promising. If building authority in your industry is important to you and your brand’s digital success (and it should be), consider the following elements as your next content item is published – be it video, images or the good ol’ fashion website article.

Practical Tips for Developing Authoritative Content – Website Magazine

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“SEO is all about making your blog attractive to search engines. If you do that, you’re more likely to rank highly for terms relating to your site and attract more visitors. To start, think of your own experiences of using Google – when you search for something how often do you look any further than the first result on a page?”

Blogging Basics – Fighting Writer's Block and Learning SEO – Via Website Magazine