Midjourney’s New Website

“Midjourney has launched the alpha version of its own standalone website, with access open to existing users who have generated more than 10,000 images. A switch to a different platform might not sound like a big deal. After all, rivals like OpenAI’s DALL-E and Adobe’s Firefly and most recently Meta’s Imagine already work on dedicated sites. But the move makes one of the most impressive AI image generators in terms of results significantly easier to use, improving its UI and UX and making it possible to add more new features not possible within the limitations of the Discord platform.”

I have experimented extensively, generating over 10,000 images (deleted about 70%) on Midjourney so I am fortunate to have access to the beautiful alpha version of the new website. I still like Discord though because the new alpha website doesn’t have a delete feature yet. : )

(Image credit: Midjourney)

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From toy to tool: DALL-E 3

“It’s impossible to dismiss the power of AI when it comes to image generation,” says Aurich Lawson, Ars Technica’s creative director. “With the rapid increase in visual acuity and ability to get a usable result, there’s no question it’s beyond being a gimmick or toy and is a legit tool.”

“With the advent of AI image synthesis, it’s looking increasingly like the future of media creation for many will come through the aid of creative machines that can replicate any artistic style, format, or medium. Media reality is becoming completely fluid and malleable. But how is AI image synthesis getting more capable so rapidly—and what might that mean for artists ahead?”

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People Experience Emotions With AI Art

“Computers and artificial intelligence (AI) are becoming increasingly important in the art world. AI-generated artworks fetch millions at auction, and artists routinely use algorithms to create aesthetic content. Now, a team of researchers from the University of Vienna has conducted experiments showing that, contrary to popular intuition, people perceive emotions and intentions when viewing art, even when they know the work was generated by a computer. The study was recently published in the journal Computer in Human Behavior.”

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AI Changes Everything

“Whereas previous technological developments altered human behavior and appearances, the rapid rise of artificial intelligence will reshape individuals’ core social and political beliefs, including about the nature and role of the state. The use of autonomous weaponry in war is a case in point.”

“PRINCETON – The rapid march of artificial intelligence is not only disrupting conventional notions of work. It is also changing the essence of human identity. Whereas previous technological developments altered human behavior and appearances, AI will fundamentally reshape individuals’ core social and political beliefs, including about the nature and role of the state”

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Goodbye little blue bird

Oh, it’s rather sad. The end of an era. I went to Twitter today and at the top left of the page, the little blue bird is gone and there is an ugly X in it’s place.

“Elon Musk has unveiled a new “X” logo to replace Twitter’s famous blue bird as he follows through with a major rebranding of the social media platform he bought for $44 billion last year.”

“The X started appearing at the top of the desktop version of Twitter on Monday, but the bird was still dominant across the smartphone app. In response to questions about what tweets would be called when the rebranding is done, Musk said they would be called Xs.”
Via The Associated Press

Zeroscope, Free Text-to-Video

“Zeroscope stems from Modelscope, a multilevel text-to-video diffusion model with 1.7 billion parameters. It generates video content based on textual descriptions. It refines this concept, offering higher resolution, without the Shutterstock watermark, and closer to a 16:9 aspect ratio. Zeroscope features two components: Zeroscope_v2 567w, designed for rapid content creation in a resolution of 576×320 pixels to explore video concepts. Quality videos can then be upscaled to a “high definition” resolution of 1024×576 using zeroscope_v2 XL.”

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Unleashing Creativity with Code

“In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing industries, the art world is no exception. The intersection of AI and art is a burgeoning field, teeming with potential. As AI models become more sophisticated, prompt engineering, a technique used to guide AI’s creative process, becomes a crucial skill.”

“It’s not just about asking questions; it’s about asking the right questions. This guide to prompt engineering for AI art provides a comprehensive overview of the topic, demystifying the process and offering practical tips and insights.”

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A “New Twitter” Moratorium, Please!

“Meta will have to beat a throng of other would-be Twitter killers, including Bluesky, Mastodon, Post News, Spoutible, Cohost, Hive Social, T2 Social, and Spill, in addition to conversation platforms aimed at right-wing users, like Truth Social, Gettr, and Gab, as well as established social networks now courting disenchanted Twitter users, like Tumblr and Substack.”

“Then again, early reviews from extremely online types are overwhelmingly negative. (​​“It is funny that Zuck rolled out a Twitter Killer and it took less than 24h for everyone to decide it is irrevocably Ass,” writer Noah Kulwin tweeted, summarizing the mood.) So there’s no guarantee the early adopters on Threads will stick around. Like Meta’s ersatz TikTok copycat, Reels, the platform could become a dupe for dorks, destined to fester in the shadow of its original.”

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AI specialist is the new “it” girl

“In contrast to crypto or web3, few people think AI will be a flash in the pan. Just how prevalent it becomes, of course, will depend largely on how profitable business use cases for it are. Already, tech workers are losing jobs to AI, so many figure they might as well get ahead of it and get in on the action. They’re turning to communities on Reddit as well as to friends and colleagues already in the field to find out how they can pivot to lucrative jobs in AI rather than having their jobs replaced by AI.”

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